Challenger II and Challenger II OS are M&R’s most affordable large-format high-performance automatic screen printing presses. Designed for quick setups and high-speed production, they’re loaded with timesaving, output-enhancing features, making them outstanding performers in any screen printing shop. Challenger II is available in 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18-color models with a 50 x 70 cm (20″ x 28″) maximum image area. Challenger II OS is available in 8, 10, and 12-color models with an oversize 70 x 100 cm (28″ x 41″) maximum image area. All Challenger II automatic screen printing machines feature servo-driven indexers, electric printheads, and multiple print-stroke capability. Challenger II and Challenger II OS presses are compatible with most screen registration systems, including M&R’s Tri-Loc® and Double Tri-Loc®. Standard pneumatic screen clamps hold frames tight and allow rapid screen loading. Standard features include independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments; adjustable rear screen holders; and independently-set and calibrated squeegee and floodbar angles. Calibrated pressure adjustments offer the ultimate in control. Independent print, reset, and print/flood speed controls on each printhead make setup easy. Challenger II/II OS screen printing presses include user-friendly LCD touchscreen control panels with extensive onboard self-diagnostics, real-time production data, and easy print parameter adjustment. The independent print-start/print-finish setting saves time by automatically activating and stopping printheads at the beginning and end of production runs.


• 8-18 colors

• Maximum image area 50 x 70 cm (20″ x 28″) or 70 x 100 cm (28″ x 41″)

• Standard pallet size 41 x 56 cm (16″ x 22″) or 76 x 114 cm (30″ x 45″)